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Reaper Girl, a novelette originally published in Under Her Protection: Stories of Women to the Rescue, centers around a Grim Reaper named Leliel and Rick, the man whose soul she reaps by accident. She must fight the Underworld (and him, at times) to get it back. Episode One of the Reaper Girl Chronicles.

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Release date: August 31, 2013

In Flames, my first flash fiction collection – FREE.


Here is the official blurb:

This flash fiction collection – my first – consists of six flash fiction stories, as well as an exclusive four-chapter excerpt of my debut novel, Fey Touched, book 1 of the Fey Touched series.

The flash stories are the following:

Blindsight – A cancer patient takes an experimental treatment, but the side effect is horrific…or is it?
The Stranger -A grief-stricken widow has her husband resurrected – except there’s a slight problem…
In Flames – A pissed off angel sentences everyone to hell, but refuses to see the truth.
The Beautiful Woman -A deformed man is suddenly attractive but the woman he wants isn’t what she seems.
Marionette – A serial killer finds he can control every victim except one…
The Last Kill – A rehabilitated murderer faces madness when her victims become voices in her head.

Other free reads for the curious:

Sun Touched at Turtleduck Press – a free serial set in the Fey Touched world. Part 1.
Ever Touched Teaser at Turtleduck Press – Excerpt of book #3 of my Fey Touched series, Ever Touched.
Spiritus Viri at Turtleduck Press – Since getting married, some awful things have happened to Liz and Jerry. A horror short.
Changeling: Part 5: The Faerie Escape at Turtleduck Press. Conclusion to Changelng serial.
Changeling: Part 4: The Faerie Portal at Turtleduck Press. Maria discovers that there is a portal that can take her back to her human family.
Changeling: Part 3: The Faerie Shadow at Turtleduck Press. Maria discovers she has a shadow, and is devastated when she discovers the truth of who she is.
Changeling: Part 2: The Faerie Dance at Turtleduck Press. Something strange happens to Maria while she is dancing at a faerie revel.
Changeling – Part 1: The Faerie Lights at Turtleduck Press.  Maria accidentally finds a portal into Faerie and discovers something that turns her life upside down. A fantasy serial.
Warped at Turtleduck Press.  Something odd is happening at Andi’s new job.  A horror short story.
The Contract at Turtleduck Press. A horror flash story.  All she wanted was to keep living…
The Penitent at Turtleduck Press. A supernatural flash story about a former nun who must commit horrible things to prove her loyalty to her demon Master.
Fey Touched Teaser at Turtleduck Press – Excerpt of my debut novel, Fey Touched.


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