Turtleduck Press

Want to experience something totally different, a book without boundaries? A story that’s a little bit of everything, but can’t be classified as just one thing? Want to experience poetry that touches the soul? Want to travel to new worlds and explore what each has to offer?

Turtleduck Press endeavors to do all of that — and more. We’re a small independent publisher and we want to shake things up a bit. We decided to publish quality fiction that skirts what’s standard and instead embraces what makes it unique. You won’t find books like ours anywhere. We exist to push boundaries. And we just don’t publish our own works and slap the TDP logo on them. Each book has been through an approval process to ensure that we are, indeed, offering the best quality we can find. If it’s a TDP book, you know you are getting the very best we have…and more!

Come experience something totally cool and totally different from anything out there! Discover Turtleduck Press.

I co-founded TDP and I’m proud of it and what we have to offer. Both of my chapbooks of poetry, Life as a Moving Target and Without Wings are available now along with other really cool books!

Stay tuned! There is more to come!

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