Release date: June 4, 2021

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Princess Tasa of Aridia has been kidnapped and enslaved aboard a spaceship, forced to mend clothing and suffer horrific abuse. As the days go by without a rescue, she loses all hope of ever being free. Until one day, she calls out for help with her psi ability and someone, an unlikely ally, answers….

The ship’s new engineer, Orin, hears the princess’s call and vows to free her. In order to do so, he must teach her how to use her psi ability to defend herself. He is Larinu, possessing magic, which Princess Tasa was raised to believe would taint her soul.

Can Orin convince her to let him help her to have this one chance at freedom? And possibly love, too?

Previously published in To Rule the Stars: A Space Princess Anthology and has undergone minor revisions.


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