Erin Zarro Editing

Editing and Author/Virtual Assistant Services

Besides being a writer, I am also a freelance editor. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and have had over 10 years experience editing fiction. Fiction is my specialty, but I am open to non-fiction or even poetry.

I know, as an indie author myself, how hard it is to find a good editor that won’t break the bank. To that end, I try to quote below standard to help authors out. This doesn’t mean that my work is below standard, however. Rest assured that you will be getting the best quality work I can deliver.

A couple of things to consider if you are thinking about hiring me:

  • I always make my deadlines. If a situation arises where I cannot, I will let you know ASAP so you can possibly make other arrangements. This has never happened since I started freelancing, however. I take my deadlines very seriously.
  • I do charge extra for rush jobs. How much is based on the amount of work to be done and how much time I have to complete it.
  • Final looks are always free.
  • As of right now, I am not booked in advance. This may change in the future if my workload increases.
  • I appreciate (and depend on) recommendations to others if you are satisfied with my work.
  • Your satisfaction is very important to me. If at any point things are not up to your expectations, please give me a chance to make it right. In fact, I strive to do such good work for you that you continue to hire me for other projects. I want to cultivate relationships that will last years.
  • I offer proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing services.

I will ask for a sample so I can see how much work needs to be done and so you can see my work as well. If we decide to work together, I will quote you a price. I will ask for half up front and the balance to be paid at completion of the job. If you need a final look, I will do that for free.

If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me at Please put “Editing” in the subject line so I don’t mistakenly think it is spam.

Here is a list of my completed projects:

Blood Moon Harvest, SM Reine, 2012 (Proofread)
Moon of the Terrible, SM Reine, 2012 (Proofread)
Red Rose Moon, SM Reine, 2012 (Proofread)
Darkmoon, SM Reine, 2013 (Proofread)
In the Balance, C. Gockel, 2015 (Proofread)
Ragnarok: I Bring the Fire Part VI, C. Gockel, 2015 (Proofread)
Dire Blood, SM Reine, 2012 (Edited)
Atomic, C. Gockel, 2015 (Edited)
Archangel Down, C. Gockel, 2015 (Edited)
Even the Score, KD Sarge, 2014 (Copy edited)
Under Her Protection, Turtleduck Press anthology, 2014 (Copy edited)
Burning Bright, KD Sarge, 2015 (Copy edited)
City of Hope and Ruin: A Fractured World Novel by Siri Paulson and Kit Campbell, 2016 (Copy edited)
Carl Sagan’s Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe, C. Gockel, 2016 (Edited)
Noa’s Ark, C. Gockel, 2016 (Edited)
Heretic, C. Gockel, 2016 (Edited)
Rush (novella), C. Gockel, 2016 (Edited)
Someday My Count Will Come, C. Gockel, 2016 (Edited)
The Tell All, Libby Howard, 2017 (Copy edited)
Curse of Souls, S. Mays, 2017 (Edited)
Junkyard Man, Libby Howard, 2017 (Copy edited)
Soulmarked, C. Gockel, 2017 (Edited)
Friendly Fire (novella), C. Gockel, 2017 (Edited)
Sword of Order, S. Mays, 2016 (Edited/developmental editing)
Antique Secrets, Libby Howard, 2016 (Edited)
Take My Monsters, C. Gockel, 2018 (Edited)
Magic After Midnight, C. Gockel, 2018 (Edited)
Curse of Wolf, S. Mays, 2018 (Edited)
A Literary Scandal, Libby Howard, 2018 (Edited)
In the Forests of Night, KD Sarge, 2018 (Copy edited)
Root of All Evil, Libby Howard, 2018 (Edited)
Let There Be Light, C. Gockel, 2018 (Edited)
Starship Waking, C. Gockel, 2018 (Edited)
Raid Slayer (Book 1), Riley Morrison, 2018 (Edited)
A Grave Situation, Libby Howard, 2018 (Edited)
Curse of Blood, S Mays, 2018 (Proofread)
Warlocks & Wands, Debra Dunbar, 2019 (Edited)
Last Supper, Libby Howard, 2019 (Edited)
Darkness Rising, C. Gockel, 2019 (Edited)
Death & Divination, Debra Dunbar, 2019 (Edited)
Hell and Hexes, Debra Dunbar, 2019 (Edited)
Shiftless, Linton Bowers, 2019 (Edited)
Dragonshift, Linton Bowers, 2019 (Edited)
Survive the Dungeon, S. Mays, 2019 (Proofread)
The Defiant, C. Gockel, 2019 (Edited)
The Water Princess: Claiming of Earth, Gina Manis, 2019 (Developmental Edit/Line Edited)
Rebuild the Dungeon, S. Mays, 2019 (Proofread)
Unleash the Dungeon, S. Mays, 2019 (Beta read/proofread)
The Stolen Princess: Taken by Fire, Gina Manis, 2019 (Developmental Edit/Line Edited)
The Rising Queen: Discovery in Water, Gina Manis, 2020 (Developmental Edit/Proofread)
Beneath the Dungeon, S Mays, 2020 (Proofread)
Android General 1, C. Gockel, 2020 (Edited)
Tangled Fates, Denise D. Young, 2020 (Proofread)
War of Blood, S Mays, 2020 (Proofread)
Fiends and Familiars, Debra Dunbar, 2020 (Proofread)
Dungeon Assault, S Mays, 2020 (Proofread)
Turtleshift, Linton Bowers, 2020 (Edited)
Serpentshift, Linton Bowers, 2020 (Edited)
Beyond Ragnarok, Carl Alves, 2020 (Developmental Edit)
Fire and Ice, Libby Howard, 2020 (Edited)
Christmas Cheer, S Mays, 2020 (Proofread)
Supernova, C. Gockel, 2021 (Edited)
Sinners on Sunset, Debra Dunbar, 2021 (Proofread)
Dungeon Master, S Mays, 2021 (Proofread)
Snow So White, C. Gockel, 2021 (Edited)
Blood So Red, C. Gockel, 2022 (Edited)
Source Awakening, Tracey Canole, 2021 (Edited)
Source Ignited, Tracey Canole, 2021 (Edited)
May the Best Ghost Win, KD Sarge, 2022 (Copyedited)
Source Evolution, Tracey Canole, 2022 (Edited)
Avatar of Pain, S Mays, 2022 (Proofread)
Grendel and Beowulf, C. Gockel, 2022 (Edited)
Hallowed Hill, Kit Campbell, 2022 (Copyedited)

I also offer author assistant/virtual assistant services. Here are some of the things I can do for you:

~ARC Team management
~Website updates and e-commerce
~Book ads
~Social media assistance
~Newsletters and newsletter swaps
~Audiobook review and uploading

…and more!

E-mail me at ericon22 AT hotmail DOT com for details.