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Release date: August 31, 2013

In Flames, my first flash fiction collection – FREE.


Here is the official blurb:

This flash fiction collection – my first – consists of six flash fiction stories, as well as an exclusive four-chapter excerpt of my debut novel, Fey Touched, book 1 of the Fey Touched series.

The flash stories are the following:

Blindsight – A cancer patient takes an experimental treatment, but the side effect is horrific…or is it?
The Stranger -A grief-stricken widow has her husband resurrected – except there’s a slight problem…
In Flames – A pissed off angel sentences everyone to hell, but refuses to see the truth.
The Beautiful Woman -A deformed man is suddenly attractive but the woman he wants isn’t what she seems.
Marionette – A serial killer finds he can control every victim except one…
The Last Kill – A rehabilitated murderer faces madness when her victims become voices in her head.

Other free reads for the curious:

Sun Touched at Turtleduck Press – a free serial set in the Fey Touched world. Part 1.
Ever Touched Teaser at Turtleduck Press – Excerpt of book #3 of my Fey Touched series, Ever Touched.
Spiritus Viri at Turtleduck Press – Since getting married, some awful things have happened to Liz and Jerry. A horror short.
Changeling: Part 5: The Faerie Escape at Turtleduck Press. Conclusion to Changelng serial.
Changeling: Part 4: The Faerie Portal at Turtleduck Press. Maria discovers that there is a portal that can take her back to her human family.
Changeling: Part 3: The Faerie Shadow at Turtleduck Press. Maria discovers she has a shadow, and is devastated when she discovers the truth of who she is.
Changeling: Part 2: The Faerie Dance at Turtleduck Press. Something strange happens to Maria while she is dancing at a faerie revel.
Changeling – Part 1: The Faerie Lights at Turtleduck Press.  Maria accidentally finds a portal into Faerie and discovers something that turns her life upside down. A fantasy serial.
Warped at Turtleduck Press.  Something odd is happening at Andi’s new job.  A horror short story.
The Contract at Turtleduck Press. A horror flash story.  All she wanted was to keep living…
The Penitent at Turtleduck Press. A supernatural flash story about a former nun who must commit horrible things to prove her loyalty to her demon Master.
Fey Touched Teaser at Turtleduck Press – Excerpt of my debut novel, Fey Touched.


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